We started looking for a studio for our second album “Anwohner raus” in the spring of 2016. After recording our debut, “Aufschwung”, live, we wanted to up the production quality a bit and record vocals and instruments individually. Convinced by the recommendations of our friends of “Todeskommando Atomsturm” and “Smegma Brothers” and by the convenient location of the studio, we quickly decided to go with Liquid-Studio, even though we were a bit worried that the sound there might be a tad too professional for our taste. Throughout all our time at Liquid-Studio though, we never lost the feeling of being in the exactly right place. Markus radiates with open-mindedness and professionalism and still tries his best to realize even the remotest and most whimsical of ideas. He even functioned as a mediator between us bandmates if there were tensions or if a creative idea got out of hand. We’re utterly pleased with the result and hope to return to Liquid-Studio soon.

Scheiße die Bullen | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project