Lena Theresia

“Liquidstudio was a real stroke of luck for my debut album! Working with Markus is incredibly productive and relaxed at the same time. He’s a professional anyway. I’m well on the way to becoming a regular customer.”

Lena Theresia | Recording, Mixing, Mastering| related project

Sound Of Smoke

Markus did the mixing and mastering of our album for us.
Working with him was super uncomplicated and very professional.
He got the best out of our recordings and completed the project quickly.
We can highly recommend Markus.
Thanks for the great work!

Sound Of Smoke | Mixing, Mastering |

El Flecha Negra

“We recorded our last single, ‘No me llames’ at Liquidstudio and we fully recommend going there! The atmosphere is super relaxed. Markus is kind and open hearted as well as experienced, competent and professional. We’re more than happy with the recording.”

El Flecha Negra | Recording| related project

Alexander Liebe

“I did some research on studios in Freiburg before deciding to go with Markus, mostly because his way of producing seemed the best fit for me. I wasn’t disappointed. He really takes care of everything important! Every wish I had was fulfilled right away. There was no beating around the bush, just a very straightforward work attitude, super professional and competent from the beginning to the end.”

Alexander Liebe | Recording, Mixing, Mastering| related project

Die Baerlauch Buben

“Markus Heinzel is a man of his word, very forthcoming, agreeable and kind, a source of endless patience and serenity. Whoever decides to record at Liquidstudio is in the best of hands: The sound kicks ass, the attitude is affectionate, there’s no sense of pressure and always good beer in the fridge. The four of us recorded live and did vocal overdubs and thus finished seven songs in three days. A month later we already held the final Masters in our hands. Markus creates a killer sound and has a very transparent and fair price policy. Bottom line: If we ever end up becoming famous, we’ll take Markus with us to Abbey Roads Studios. There might be cheaper studios, but we’ve never been in more competent hands than Markus’.”

Die Baerlauch Buben | Recording, Mixing, Mastering| related project

Sir Donkey’s Revenge

We had a great time at Liquid-Studio. Markus catered to all our ideas and wishes and always stood by our side, enabling us to work very productively. Thanks to his relaxed personality the atmosphere was always laid-back. On top of that Markus is very flexible. There was always enough time to work meticulously and to be creative – we had a lot of fun.

Sir Donkey’s Revenge | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project


We have recorded at Liquid-Studio three times so far and we will be back for sure! Every

time Markus’ professional and relaxed personality led to a splendid recording experience and excellent results. The new studio at Slow Club is an additional plus, the atmosphere is nice and gritty and the beer is always cold.

ManisOnFire | Recording, Mixing, Mastering |


We did our whole album, recording, mixing and mastering, at Liquid-Studio. We owe a huge part of our success to Markus and his calm and professional ways. We always felt welcome and Markus supported us in finding a sound that made a great recording an even better album. Thanks a lot!

Exil46 | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Smegma Brothers

A producer needs nerves made of steel when working with two dilettantes such as us. Markus and his team proved they have nothing but when the Smegma Brothers recorded their debut at Liquid-Studio. Great conditions, professional equipment and a never-ending supply of cold beer are the perks of recording there. Markus even has a string quartet up his sleeve, if you want one, incredible! Thank you so much for the collaboration and good luck for all your future projects!

Smegma Brothers | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Kristina Jung

I made my first recording experience at Liquid-Studio and until this day I’m very grateful to Markus for the great atmosphere and his outstanding patience. Markus has a simple solution for every complex problem and he will give you all the time and space you need to try and discuss ideas. Thank you so much!

Kristina Jung | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Enraged Minority

We recorded our two most recent albums with Markus and enjoyed the laid-back and productive environment. Markus is a true professional, he knows his equipment, is patient and calm and still supportive and efficient.

Enraged Minority | Recording | zum Projekt

Scheiße die Bullen

We started looking for a studio for our second album “Anwohner raus” in the spring of 2016. After recording our debut, “Aufschwung”, live, we wanted to up the production quality a bit and record vocals and instruments individually. Convinced by the recommendations of our friends of “Todeskommando Atomsturm” and “Smegma Brothers” and by the convenient location of the studio, we quickly decided to go with Liquid-Studio, even though we were a bit worried that the sound there might be a tad too professional for our taste. Throughout all our time at Liquid-Studio though, we never lost the feeling of being in the exactly right place. Markus radiates with open-mindedness and professionalism and still tries his best to realize even the remotest and most whimsical of ideas. He even functioned as a mediator between us bandmates if there were tensions or if a creative idea got out of hand. We’re utterly pleased with the result and hope to return to Liquid-Studio soon.

Scheiße die Bullen | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Henning Schmidt & The Storytellers

There’s a saying that goes: Working with professionals will reassure you and working with Markus most certainly will. He knows what he’s doing and has a great intuition for what a musician needs at each state of the recording process. What I do musically is very traditional and has little to do with the things Markus usually does. But I still felt understood and supported concerning the big picture and the small details. I approached Markus with an already finished album that somehow still didn’t feel ready. Only after I worked with him I understood what post-production is and why it is so important. If you’re good at it. And Markus is. Even though I had initially only asked him to mix and master my recordings.

Henning Schmidt & The Storytellers | Mixing, Mastering |


We had a great experience recording at Liquid-Studio: A patient and practiced technician, a relaxed yet professional work atmosphere! Everything was well organized. The communication process on mixing and mastering, done by E-Mail, was always prompt and efficient. Everything went well and we’re more than happy with our recordings! An additional genius touch is the apartment that is attached to the studio: We felt at home in a heartbeat.

Tvesla | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Ralf Welteroth

Liquid Studio is a great place for your voice recordings. The best equipment, a skilled technician and a agreeable and calm atmosphere. I’d do it again.

Ralf Welteroth | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project

Assorted Nails

Markus and Sid show splendid craftsmanship and never flinch when met with a challenge. The somewhat gritty club atmosphere and endless provisions of cold beer are additional benefits. Cheers and see you for the next album!

Assorted Nails | Recording, Mixing, Mastering | related project


Liquid Studio is different in the best meaning of the word. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, the equipment is great and the working style is very flexible which all makes for a perfect sound.

Yass | Recording | related project

Nikolas Sturm

Working with Markus is an incredibly relaxing experience. He’s an outstandingly nice person and an attentive listener, who will do his best to fulfill your needs and realize your visions instead of just doing business as usual. Liquid-Studio offers all the recording possibilities you need. PLUS: There’s good coffee. Never underestimate the importance of good coffee.

Nikolas Sturm | Recording, Mixing| related project